Natural wines, biotechnology, biodynamic cultivation, organic cultivation.

Our winery works together with the research team of the Oenology and Beverage Technology Department of the Technical School of Athens. Within this collaboration we apply innovative ideas in the processes of vinification, such as PhDs aiming at finding ways of transferring to the wine as many as possible primeval elements of the grapes.

The main methods we are using refer to biotechnology and aim at strengthening and pre-acclimatising the yeasts (both wild and noble). The purpose of our approach is to direct the yeasts to produce in a natural way wines which would be self-protected and contain the least possible additives. An important research partner and instigator of the project is the Oenology Professor Elias Nerantzis. The practices followed during the project have been presented in a great number of conferences. (See here a list of academic publications and diplomas of patent of our scholar associates.)

Moreover, in the last two years we have developed a way of vinification in the outdoor area of our winery, producing wines with the least interference of mechanical equipment (internationally known as “Natural Wines”) in the purpose of showcasing the wealth of the local wine-making tradition. This innovatory revival of the old methods was due mainly to the contribution of our son, Konstantinos Afianes, wine maker with studies in Bordeaux, France, as well as the decisive, friendly assistance of Lazaros Gatselos, Oenologist (PhD) at the Oenology and Beverage Technology Department the Technical School of Athens. Alongside to this, we are following the principles of organic cultivation according to the Greek Organization of Organic Product Certifications (DIO) in both our vineyards and our winery, while we have started to gradually introduce to our cultivations the principles of biodynamics.