Wine-making with respect to the natural environment

The policy of our winery makes it a point to produce as little pollution as possible, therefore, we designed our premises according to the principles of bioclimatic architecture, aligning with the age-old Ikarian way of building, which sums up in the

formula: “in the earth or close to the earth”.

Our winery is built beneath the ground and we don’t use air-conditioning for its rooms, while the cooling system in our tanks works for as short time as strictly necessary.

A long, almost circular corridor which surrounds the winery and communicates with the outside air at its eastern and western ends, ensures that the temperature and moisture conditions are ideal for our wines, with no consumption of power to be required for this process.

All our stainless steel equipment is cleaned with water from the local network without using chemicals, while the bulbs of our lighting system have been replaced with LED, thus saving over 10.000 kWh a year.

Most part of the wastes from the process of vinfication (pomace, pips and grape stalks) is being composted, while a smaller part is used for the fabrication of products having to do with nutrition, health and cosmetics. Our goal in the next five years is to minimalize waste by 80% by using wine residues and investing in their development.

Alongside with the above, in the next five years we aim at decreasing considerably the cost of vinification (by 60%), putting more stress on the traditional Ikarian way of making wine: receive and crush the grapes in a stone-made wine press, and afterwards, let the extracted juice to ferment and the wine to mature inside large clay jars buried in the ground.