The story of our wine cannot be told separately from the story of our land as the two are intertwined.

Inspired by age-long traditions passed on from one generation to the next, Afianes Wines was founded by Nikos Afianes and his wife Maria almost 20 years ago with one dream in mind, to create a space where wine and life are celebrated. By preserving ancient techniques of winemaking and combining them with modern day practices Afianes Wines boasts an impressive and internationally renowned selection of wine labels.

Today, joined by their two children, Konstantinos and Eftychia, this family-owned winery is a local treasure elevating Ikarian wine and welcoming guests from all over the world that want to share moments, experiences, good company, and great wine.

Our wines


750 ml | 12% vol

Occasion: Seafood Night, Special Occasions

Bright gold with long-lasting legs and upward string of sparkles (cordon) that lasts up to 90 min.
Multiple aromatic and tasting layers enhanced by its underwater fermentation and aging process.
Multi-layered and creamy taste with a long-lasting complex finish.

Food pairings: Perfectly paired with coquilles St. Jacques, fresh oysters, and scallops with fresh lemon on top.


750 ml | 13,5% vol

Occasion: BBQ and Game Night

Ruby red color with long lasting legs.

Complex “nose” consisting of ripe red fruits, as well as warm aromas from French oak.

Causes saliva secretion. Rich & warm taste with soft tannins, & flavors of wild cherry and black mulberry during its tasting peak. Soft & long-lasting aftertaste.

Food pairings: High fat and spicy yellow cheeses, bbq and grilled boar or lamb with roasted potatoes with rosemary and thyme. Red spicy sauces with entrecote and bon fillet.
Best served at 16-18°C.


750 ml | 14% vol

Occasion: Party Wine

Opaque, natural red-brown color with orange highlights, and long-lasting legs.

Fruity and complex “nose” of forest fruits and herbs; dominant aromas of watermelon, milk caramel, rose, and herbs.

Unexpected and surprising taste of white pepper, dried fruits, and Ikarian brushwood. Its full body balances perfectly with its cooling acidity and its high minerality.

Light dishes, as well as seafood cooked in red sauces.
Traditional Greek and Asian cuisine with sweet and sour tastes.
Best served at 10-12°C in the summer and 16°C in the winter.


750 ml | 13,5% vol

Occasion: Party Wine

Slightly cloudy with long lasting legs due to its unusually high alcohol content (13.5 vol%).

A sweet sensation with predominant aromas of white mushrooms and stone fruits.

Its saltiness, sweet aftertaste, and high acidity perfectly balance out the aromas of quince and buttermilk caramel.

Oven-baked lamb with potatoes, lemon, and rosemary, grilled fish, sea fruits and oysters, high-fat yellow cheeses, pasta with white sauce, as well as fillets of white meats.


750 ml | 12,2% vol

Occasion: Dinner for Two

Cloudy with a bright gold color.

Smoky, grapefruit, and earthy scents (such as first rain and wet granite), and mushrooms.

A pure terroir wine; very complex, rich in minerals, with an evolving taste, and a unique flavor. Hints of wild herbs, tobacco, citrus fruits, and a wet granite finish.

Mollusks, seashells, oysters, clams and grilled medium or high-fat fish. Smoked and camembert cheeses, as well as wild vegetables with lemon.
Best served at 10-12°C.


750 ml | 12,5% vol

Occasion: Meeting with Friends

Opaque, natural red-brown color with orange highlights, and long-lasting legs.

Ripe forest fruits such as cherry, lychee, and blackberry in spoon sweet.

Flavors of sour cherry and wild cherry dominate; intense minerality, with a wet granite finish.

Sweet & sour dishes, meats with wild greens, rabbit stew and some traditional dishes such as Giouvetsi (baked meat with pasta), Gemista (stuffed peppers & tomatoes) Dolma, Soufiko, and Magirio.


750 ml | 11,5% vol

Occasion: Family Gathering

Bright gold color with silver highlights.

Rich aromas of stone and tropical fruits; anama honey, ripe pineapple, kiwi, and banana dominate.

Dry mouth with dynamic acidity, and a peach jam finish.

Grilled fish, mushrooms, white fatty sauces, white meat in lemon sauce, and yellow cheeses.


500 ml | 16,5% vol

Occasion: Special Gift/Occasion, Aperitif

Amber color with orange highlights.

Intense and rich “nose” with predominant aromas of honey and dried fruits.

Rich and warm, its high acidity balancing its high alcohol content. Long-lasting aftertaste with hints of dried herbs and truffle mushrooms.

Served as an aperitif, and a dessert. Paired with caramelized fruits, fruits with honey, Foie gras, fruit salads, chocolate, dried nuts, and high-fat cheeses with honey. Served at 8-10°C.

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