• Bud Break as Soul Salve

    In the lifecycle of vines, there are times of dormancy and times of blooming. There are also the in-between phases, the slow but steady emergence back into the world bud by bud, leaf by leaf. If you work in the world of wine, you begin to recognize the patterns of nature, and if you are anything
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  • Words and Wine and a Wandering Mind

    Hello! My name is Mary Kate and I am thrilled to be launching the Afianes Wine blog! I am a sommelier and a writer, and I am so excited to explore the convergence of my two greatest passions here on the Afianes blog. I am originally from the United States, but have also lived around
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  • Raising A Glass To Our Own Potential

      Welcome to the newest facet of the Afianes webpage, our blog! We are excited to create this space as a way to better connect with our community. We want this blog to act as a place of creative convergence, in which we explore the intersections of wine, culture, art, gastronomy, and the emotional ties
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  • Pithari Red 2018 Bronze Medal (Amphora Paris,2020)

    Bronze for Pithari Red from “Concours International Des Vins Biologiques”. We are thrilled to have received this award for our beloved 100% Fokiano grape! Pithari RED, is made with the traditional local method, with grapes manually destemmed and squeesed in a winepress made of 5 large granite stones, macerated for 3-5 days and then fermented
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  • 2 Gold Medals in SWA London 2020

    We are thrilled about today’s news: two of our wines awarded with the gold medal in competition Sommelier Wine Awards – SWA 2020 at London! The results of the competition on the official website: https://bit.ly/2xlh8Lu

  • The Nano Symphony Live at Afianes Winery

    “Australia’s breath-taking neo-classical duo“, The Nano Symphony are an ensemble of multi-instrumentalists, composers and producers ‘The Nano Symphony’ showcase the full extent of weaving live string and wind instruments together with electronics in a breath-taking experience of unique, haunting beauty. We are very honored to present to you “the Nano Symphony”, Post-Classical Electro Rockers, coming
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  • Refractions

    REFRACTIONS Friday 9 August at Afianes Winery Composer and pianist Sokratis Georgiadis featuring new compositions and performing in an ambient and cinematic mood under the night sky, at Afiane’s Winery (Ikaria). Guest poet: Despina Sinou (Free entrance with optional contribution)

  • Seminar on Fermented foods

    Ikaria 2014August 08-09-10 Programme Day 110:00 – 12:00Small scale winemaking12:00-14:00The winery14:30Lunch Day 210:00-12:00Wine from honey and herbs 12:00 -14:00Probiotics: Water kefir, Kompucha, Hardaliye14:30 Lunch Day 310:00 -12:00Wine tasting-theory and tasting of greek vineyard.12:00 -12:30break12:30-14:00Wine tasting 14:30Lunch Cultures of water kefir grains and kompoucha will be available to interested to produce them at home. The cultures will be accompanied with
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