Saturday 26.07.22
At 16.00 – 24.00
In the 25 years of the Afianes winery, we celebrate our raw wines by cooking over open wood fires with the team of Nomade et Sauvage, two cooks who cook outdoors on fires with raw materials using local products of each place they travel.

”We cook and flavor the ingredients in the flames and in the smoke of the wood and create dishes whose culinary aesthetics are revealed by preserving the taste of the ingredients and their coexistence in their natural environment. Sometimes either to preserve or to get the flavor core of raw materials, we use natural processing such as drying, smoking, concentration, extraction and distillation.

In our glasses the colors from Fokiano red grape and Begleri white grape. In the music traditional greek music from local artists Nontas, Stavros, Houtras and in our minds the poet Alexis Poulianos who saw “the Ikarian people as a pulsating reality”.

We are waiting for you all, this Saturday, to celebrate together!