The journey of Asikis

A musical fairy tale about the value of wandering

23/07 & 24/07

Starting Time: 20.30

Kostas Gakis with his guitar, lute and piano, and Natasha – Fai Kosmidou with her melodious voice tell us a musical fairy tale about Asikis. Asikis means lover, in love with the god. The Asikis were wandering musical storytellers of the Middle Ages who plowed throughout Anatolia, they were loved by everyone and their songs accompanied by saz had transcendental, philosophical, poetic, theosophical themes but above all they contained profound humanity and sweetness. They were talking about a god who holds us all in his arms, a god who doesn’t hate god, faith, the different perspective of the “other”. Following the thread of Asikis with poems set to music from all over the world to the music of Kostas and with poems and rhythmic narratives by Natasha, this musical fairy tale tells about the journey of a wandering man, the journey of a free man, the journey of the one who trusted the his inner voice, he said goodbye to everyday life and the superficial safeties and certainties of the state he lived in and wandered the world in search of some meaning, in search of what is hidden behind the curtains of this world. Some call the meaning god, others the universe, others primordial memory, others Man. Our traveler will hear with open ears many voices in his wanderings. Lots of sirens. Many will be those who will tell him immortalities and paradises. He will listen respectfully – but not slavishly – to everyone, he will immerse himself with love in the primordial knowledge but also in the glow of the spirit and the soul that the wandering in unknown places and places gives. And one voice will lead him to another. And one journey will drag him to another. And then to another. There will be countless trips. Countless and lessons learned. And he will return to his homeland in old age. And one morning the inner voice that pushed him to dare the long journey of self-denial and self-awareness will be heard again as soft as a caress. There the circle will close. In self-realization. In the light the sanctuary hidden within. In the understanding that within him act, resonate, and pulsate all the forces of the universe.

A combination of western and eastern musical elements.

A universe of music and poetry.

A tale of tenderness, sweetness, and humanity.

A journey to our childhood soul.

Ticket: €10

Children and unemployed: €8

The performance will be in greek language.