Professional Tour


Deep dive experience with the winemaker Nikos or Konstantinos.

Begin this unique experience by visiting the “Pithostasi” where the wine is fermented and aged in clay jars buried underground, and experience the vinification method of the ancient Ikarians. Take a close look at the granite press where grapes are stomped by fοοt, and visit the cultural area of the winery which hosts a rich collection of traditional Ikarian artifacts.

Then hike to the vineyard of our grandfather Nikos and explore the ikarian biodiverity, understand the soil and how the ecosystem works in and out of the garden.

After the hike the tasting class takes place under the guidance of the winemaker himself, who share all his winemaking and tasting techniques perfected over the years. Be taken to the pirate stone house where the oldest wines of the estate are stored and taste seven exquisite and stimulating vintages the winery has to offer. Learn how to identify multi-layred aromas and other characteristics of the wine.

Then you can enjoy a traditional ikarian style dinner which is homemade by Maria , a seven course meal in the middle accompanied by two glasses of wine.

We are more than happy to host you and show you around and share all these flavors and knowledge with you!


Event Details

Venue: Afianes Winery

Phone: +3022750 40008, +3022750 41556 +3022750 41352


  • 4 hours
  • 5 cellar wines
  • Winery tour, Wine Tasting Class
  • Winemaker
  • 7 course Ikarian style meal cooked by Maria
  • Only by reservation 48 hours in advance