Classic Tour


Delve deep into the art of wine tasting and discover the secrets of the Afianes winery.

Learn to understand and feel the true character of each wine while an experienced guide walks you through the basic principles of wine tasting in a wine tasting class. Discover 2 fresh as well as 2 aged wines from different methods, and learn how to identify the special traits and nuances of the aged wines. The tasting class is accompanied by rusks baked in a traditional wood-fired oven. Learn not only how to identify different wine profiles but also how to select the right wine for each occasion.

Take a tour of the estate by visiting the “Pithostasi” where wine is fermented and aged in clay jars buried underground, and experience the vinification method of the ancient Ikarians. Take a close look at the granite press where grapes are stomped by fοοt, and visit the anti-pirate stone house of the winery, where the oldest wines of the estate are safeguarded. Visit the cultural area of the winery which hosts a collection of traditional Ikarian artifacts and immerse yourself in this timeless winemaking tradition.


Event Details

Venue: Afianes Winery

Phone: '+3022750 40008, +3022750 41556 +3022750 41352


  • 90 mins
  • 4 wines (40ml)
  • Tour of the estate (anti-pirate house, cyclopean granitic stone press , traditional pithostasi, Dionisous ampitheater and the folklore museum)
  • Afianes team
  • Traditional wooden oven rusks and water
  • Tuesday till Saturday tour starts at
  • May – October 16:30 – 18:30 – 20:30
    November-April after agreement