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I Love Wine


What you will find in the following composition:

1. Black handmade chocolate bar from 4 ingredients, cow butter, honey, cocoa and red wine from our collection Icarus Black 2016.

2. Hand painted wooden box to store the wine where we can write the name of the receiver.

3. A red old style candle to light up during your dinner

4. A bottle of Icarus black 2018. The vinification is traditional red winemaking process in stainless steel containers. Aging for 12 months in French oak barrels, which are custom-made according to various tests conducted on the freshly produced wine. Wild indigenous yeast fermentation; bottled unfiltered & unfined; without any addition of sulfites. Limited Production wine : 1800 bottles.

Extra tips for greater enjoyment: Gourmet combinations with Icarus black 2018 are High fat and spicy yellow cheeses, bbq and grilled boar or lamb with roasted potatoes with rosemary and thyme. Red spicy sauces with entrecote and bon fillet. Best served at 16-18°C.


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