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Βubbles for my Valentine


Valentine this year comes with … gifts! Whether you are celebrating or not, the basket we have prepared is definitely a great gift idea either for yourself (and a friend), or for your loved one!

Valentine’s Enjoy Guide 2022

1 White Afianes Naturally sparkling wine 2018 ideal to accompany your meal, perfectly combined with seafood, shellfish, oily fish dishes and fine ripe cheeses. Serve cold at 9 ° C.

2 Handmade bars of dark chocolate Afianes Quality Chocolate with our Fokiano wine, honey, cocoa, cow butter. One for you, and another for whomever you choose.

1 Greek delight of Ikaria, Tescos family with nuts. Energy bomb to replenish energy after exercise or as a snack.

1 Handmade cosmetic soap with Fokiano wine, olive oil, castor oil, rosemary and basil essential oils with tonic properties ideal against skin aging. Alternative, and definitely up to date. Try it and you will see why we went to the trouble to make it!

1 Clay decorative Cupid from Terra Icaria. You do not have to be in love with someone to appreciate love and what it represents.

1 Red heart bracelet with macrame technique from Armirikicreations. Simple and so beautiful! It is worn every day or you make it an unexpected gift at some point to make someone’s day.

Finally, 1 Wine lovers Champagne Spiegelau glass number one choice for sommelier, for the ultimate enjoyment of your sparkling from now on.


We leave the rest to your magic!

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