• Refractions

    REFRACTIONS Friday 9 August at Afianes Winery Composer and pianist Sokratis Georgiadis featuring new compositions and performing in an ambient and cinematic mood under the night sky, at Afiane’s Winery (Ikaria). Guest poet: Despina Sinou (Free entrance with optional contribution)

  • Seminar on Fermented foods

    Ikaria 2014August 08-09-10 Programme Day 110:00 – 12:00Small scale winemaking12:00-14:00The winery14:30Lunch Day 210:00-12:00Wine from honey and herbs 12:00 -14:00Probiotics: Water kefir, Kompucha, Hardaliye14:30 Lunch Day 310:00 -12:00Wine tasting-theory and tasting of greek vineyard.12:00 -12:30break12:30-14:00Wine tasting 14:30Lunch Cultures of water kefir grains and kompoucha will be available to interested to produce them at home. The cultures will be accompanied with
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