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Aceite de oliva virgen extra


The cultivation of olives has been known since antiquity, the Ikarians, knowing the healing properties of olive oil, mixed wine oil and bread in their breakfast. They used to plant them in land areas called “pezula” which describes a very narrow but long piece of land. Due to mountanious and hilly terrain of Ikaria, olives used to be picked from the trees by hand.

The characteristics of Ikarian land are : high acidity (due to granite), high mineralogy with trace elements like potassium, magnesium, manganese and boron. There is no active calcium and silicon in the ground which is really unique.

Our olive trees are in transitional level to organic-bio certificate. The processing of the olives is very low and the whole process is done at low temperature on the same day of harvest. Our extra virgin olive is bottled unfiltered, after 4 months of natural precipitation in order not to affect its nutritional and biological value. Our terraces are located at 400 and 600 meters above sea level. All these, compose an olive oil that has not only an extraordinary taste for your food, but also a high quality remedy for your body.

According to the chemical analyzes, it is impressively rich in Ω3, it has 39.2mg/100 of polyphenols, which puts it in the category of medicinal food product, phytosterols, peroxides, ΔK -0.003 A.U and acidity at 0.31%.

Nowadays, local production is poor due to the mountainous terrain mentioned above. You can not easily find Ikarian olive oil in supermarkets. Although, the small quantity is the key to the high quality as Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

These longevity drops are available in 200 ml bottles and in a limited production number, at 487 bottles per year.
It is so rich in phenolic compounds that just one teaspoon a day is enough to bring significant benefits to your health.

Daily consumption of high phenolic extra virgin olive oils is a smart choice for optimal health and vitality.

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