The good news of January 2022?

Brand new 𝙡𝙖𝙗𝙚𝙡 ✛ new vintage for Pithari White! A few words about the person responsible for the idea 💡 of this label:
Martin Mostböck is an Austrian architect who designs furniture, houses, furniture and equipment, interiors and objects of everyday use, by rejecting all superficial styling, going back to fundamentals in his design in order to achieve authenticity. @martinmostboeck met Konstantinos during a wine tasting of Afianes wine in @konstantinfilippou ’s restaurant in Vienna. The conversation was about authenticity, creativity and passion in viticulture. After that, Martin made some sketches on a napkin – a bounce in the label, a shape that opens up to the content being carried inside the bottle, different from the banality of label design that we know, showing Konstantinos’ personal passion for making wine.
The final sketch was an image of the soil the wine comes from and an embracing shape that opens the two-dimensional label to a three-dimensional view that ends up resembling an ancient Greek artifact.

To the left is the old label, to the write the new.