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Lemon: the theatrical journey of your own map !

Lemon, the show that travels uniquely between land and the sea, comes to Ikaria for 2 unique performances at the Afianes Estate on Saturday, July 31st and Sunday, August 1st. The incredible story of the legendary 1900 pianist, who was born on a ship and never got off it, seems shockingly timely given the historical conjuncture of the pandemic. It’s the story of the greatest pianist of the ocean, who lived his whole life on a boat – enclosed by choice – resonating with all of us who leave our mandatory enclosures behind.
Music, movement, dance, song- with an energy that overflows on stage, and a humor that follows deep emotion, this crafted theatrical piece will excite and challenge its viewers, bringing to surface our true needs and wants. Are we afraid to get off the boat in which we were born? Where do we feel really happy? This time, Lemon finds its stage in the small ancient theater “Dionysos” overlooking the magnificent sunset of the Aegean. The history of 1900 will unfold where tradition meets the mythology and history of Ikaria, and where the god Dionysus comes close to wine and the vine.