Natural traditional white wine from begleri varietal (100%) with I.G.P. IKARIA

Cloudy with a bright gold color.

Smoky, grapefruit, and earthy scents (such as first rain and wet granite), and mushrooms.

A pure terroir wine; very complex, rich in minerals, with an evolving taste, and a unique flavor. Hints of wild herbs, tobacco, citrus fruits, and a wet granite finish.

Food Pairing: Mollusks, seashells, oysters, clams and grilled medium or high-fat fish. Smoked and camembert cheeses, as well as wild vegetables with lemon.

Best served at 10-12°C.

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Wine: Dry white

Variety composition: Begleri 100%

Protected Geographical Indication (IGP): Ikaria

Vineyards: Ikaria, Raches, Patissa 0,5 ha, prephylloxeric vineyard, plant age 200+ years, organic multicultivation, (yield 14hl/ha) altitude 800 m. Granite soil with low pH and high concentration in metals and trace elements.

Winemaking: Traditional, manual deposturing, pressure inside the granite press on foot, stay for 2 days and continuation of the fermentation with the indigenous yeasts in jars dug into the earth outside. Without mechanical interventions and filtering, only a minimal saturation before bottling.

Aging: Susceptible to long aging.

Production: 780 bottles.