With Arsinoi Lily Karadima, choreographer of the Art & Dance group ATRAPOS & President of the Greek Culture Research & Study Association

Wednesday 07/09/2022

Time: 19:00 – 21.30

Dionysus Theater, Afianes Winery

Ticket 15 euros

Through the presentation/workshop “Ancient Body” we attempt a journey through time, to get to know the feeling of ancient dance, its emotion, its excitement, its quality, not in a didactic way, but more in a research way, discovering its geometry our body, but also our soul. If we look deeply into the kinesiology code of our ancient statues it will reveal a lot about the harmony and flow of energy in the body, but also about the correct posture. The secret to our ancient dance was the natural flow of movement. When the movement flows, the energy diffuses, the body functions, the centers open. With inspiration from the representations of vases and wall paintings, from statues and references of ancient authors about orchesis, we leave ourselves to discover the ancient – and not only – dance that exists in our cells, to be introduced to the secrets of harmony, movement and the soul of the world .

  • Tension & Posture of the body. The beginning of the dancer (position of Aphrodite).
  • The importance of the hands/ Basic positions – fringe lines
  • Movement Qualities (Lyric, Doric, Bacchic)
  • Measures & rhythms
  • Types of dances in ancient times (turvasia, kordakas, geranos, procession, performance)
  • Group dance formations
  • Coordination of movement with percussion, cymbals, drums, seistra, thyrso and veil. The use of instruments by the dancers themselves helps to tune their bodies to the rhythm and become sponsors themselves (I lead the dance).
  • Bacchae & Dionysian cycle. From One to All and from grounding to rapture (contact with the Divine)

No previous dance experience is required to participate. Participants will need to wear comfortable clothing and remove shoes.