Live concert with Dafne Kritharas & Paul Barreyre performing musical compositions between traditional songs and modern sounds.


Wednesday 24 August 2022

At Dionysus Theatre of Afiane’s Winery (Ikaria) at 9 pm

Entrance 9 euros


Born in 1992 from a Greek father and a French mother, Dafne Kritharas draws her inspiration from the crossroads of East and West. Lulled by the Rebetika – these Greek songs from smokehouses and prisons – and Nissiotika (Greek islands music) singing very quickly imposed itself on her like as a second breath. A follower of styles’s crossover (jazz / rock / electro tradfusion) of the transmission of songs by oral tradition. She travels the Balkans, Greece and Turkey to her extreme South East to soak up songs in various languages, thread of musical road-trips where she meets, exchanges and learns with many musicians crossed on her way. She released her first album in June 2018, composed of Greek and Sephardic songs from Minor Asia. These songs of the Aegean Sea, very mixed, are linked to the experience of exile and uprooting. She works mainly with guitarist and songwriter Paul Barreyre.