Presenting this year’s concert under Refraction Series, composer and pianist Sokratis shares the stage with the performer and songwriter Giorgis Christodoulou in musical compositions and songs from all over the world that stand the test of time and moonlight.

Thursday August 11, at Dionysus Theatre of Afiane’s Winery (Ikaria) at 9pm

Entrance 9 euros

Giorgis Christodoulou first appeared alongside Arleta in 1992, at the Athens College Theatre. He lived in Spain where he released two albums to great reviews, toured various cities and participated in radio and television shows. He wrote music and songs for the National and Free Theater. He has appeared in venues and open theaters all over Greece and abroad.

Composer, Arranger and Pianist Sokratis Georgiadis has written incidental music for the theater and television, and has collaborated as a composer, arranger and performer with various artists and performance ensembles in recordings as well as live shows.
With a background in both classical and experimental music, Sokratis Georgiadis is currently working towards a holistic form of creative expression. By combining modern technology with symphonic orchestra and ethnic traditions he aims at a new form of multitextural compositional language capable of communicating with different audiences in a meaningful and effective way. In this context, he has been currently introducing a series of works called Refractions, performed in concerts that he organizes both in Greece and abroad, either in solo performance or collaboration with other creators and performers. Along with his compositional output, he is an active producer arranger and orchestrator, contributing in various productions, and he has collaborated with orchestral, as well as smaller instrumental and vocal ensembles. He has been an active pianist since 1989 either in solo performances or in collaboration with ensembles and soloists.