We had a rather creative idea around June, to create a soap which will contain our red wine, for which we know has therapeutical powers for the skin as well! Our friend and now colleague from the island made our idea happen, presenting us with a handmade cosmetic soap of Ikarian olive oil with dry red wine 2018, ideal against skin aging & enriched with castor oil that gives emollient properties to the skin. Rosemary and basil essential oils also have with tonic properties. Only 40 pieces available.

Ingredients: pure olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, rosemary and basil essential oils, red wine. The wine in cosmetics gives benefits to the circulation and exerts a cell renewal action on the epidermis.Weight : 120g + – 5g

Use: for body and face
Apply to wet skin to create foam. Rinse with water and place the soap bar upright to dry, thus extending its duration.

So grateful!