Afianes natural soy candle


AFIANES natural soy candle

This holiday season we’re introducing our first ZERO WASTE product, Afianes natural soy candle with grape seed oil, rosemary and mandarin scent in our used wine bottles cut in half. Our candle is made in a workshop in Ikaria and inside the package you will find a little surprise, our cork wrapped with matches and match paper to light your candle wherever you are. We chose to reuse the bottles consumed in our winery, thus reducing our ecological footprint.

Cool evenings in our vineyard. Moon and stars, laughter, stories and unique Icarian wines that fill hearts with optimism. The wind circulates between the feet of guests carrying notes of must, rosemary and mandarin around them. With all this we wanted to create a natural, entirely handmade product. A natural candle that romantically accompanies any variety of wine you like.

Bottles consumed in our winery are collected, cleaned and given for reuse. And this is none other than the creation of this candle of ours.

*Think that some evenings in our winery with this bottle a couple happily celebrated a joyful event, a group laughed at a joke or at another table some girls tried a new vintage and got excited.

It’s not just a ZERO WASTE product, this glass brings a “memory” of joy from Ikaria and our winery… to your place. Enjoy!


Why AFIANES natural soy candle is different

100% recyclable packaging and container

Contains soy, renewable plant resource and cotton wick

Friendly to the environment and people, biodegradable, non-toxic (Sustainable & Eco-Friendly)

The scent diffuses more strongly in the space than a paraffin candle

Low soot production

Vegan Friendly

Safe for family and pets

They do not contain parabens (Paraben Free) and phthalates (Phthalate Free)

Longer burning time than a paraffin candle

With warm water and soap you can clean the jar and it can be reused



Ingredients: Vegetable soy wax, grape seed oil, essential oils of rosemary and tangerine

Container: Glass from handcrafted bottles of our wines

Grape Seeds from our grapes, as a natural decorative element

Decorative cork with match lighter paper and 4 matches to light your candle

Candle packaging for a gift where you will find our candle wrapped in protective kraft paper

~200g of wax that is for burning and 70g at the bottom for wax melt mixture. Due to the shape of the bottle, 70g of wax remains at the bottom of the container. Place this quantity in a lamp according to the intensity of the aroma you desire and perfume your space.

Burning hours: 65-70 hours





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