PITHARI DRY RED 2018 12,5 vol


Flavor Characteristics: A pure terroir wine, high in alcohol, rich in minerals and an evolving taste. Ripe cherry, white pepper and smooth tannins, with a very long aftertaste of granite stone.

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Wine: Red dry.
Varietal composition: Fokiano 100%.
Protected Geographical Indication (P.G.I.): Ikaria.
Vineyard: Ikaria , Raches , Profitis Ilias 1,5ha, age of grapevines 50 and 10 years old, yield 25 hl/ha, organic cultivation, altitude 600 m. Sandy clay soil from decomposed granite rock with low pH and high concentration in minerals and micronutrients.
Vinification: Traditional local method, with grapes manually destemmed and squeezed in a winepress made of 5 large granite stones, macerated for 3-5 days and then fermented with their own yeast in clay jars buried in the earth in a special hold outside the winery. During this process there is no mechanical intervention or filtering, except some minimum sulfating before bottling.
Aging: It is susceptible to long aging.
Production: 1000 bottles in ideal weather conditions.