Natural red wine from the local variety Fokiano 100%, with Protected Geographical Indication Ikaria.

Crimson red colour with orange highlights and  long lasting legs.

Red and black fruits of the forest on nose and mouth. Floral elements with violet being the headstart. Tight and juicy at the same time, it needs
time to unravel it`s intense temperament . The full longlasting tanins of the variety are integrated and compose definitive structure in the total balance.
Ready for consumption but can be aged for 15 years.

It combines strong creamy character cheeses, roasted big fishes with herbs, game in the  oven with red plump ,quince sauces and red meats cooked from rare to au point.
Can be served depending the mood, weather and food at 18c or 14c.

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Wine: Red dry.

Varietal composition: Fokiano 100%.

Protected Geographical Indication (P.G.I.): Ikaria.

Vineyard: Ikaria , Raches , Profitis Ilias 1,5ha, age of grapevines 50 and 10 years old, yield 25 hl/ha, organic/biodynamic cultivation, altitude 600 m. Sandy clay soil from decomposed granite rock with low pH and high concentration in minerals and micronutrients.

Vinification: Manual harvest, stomped in the traditional cyclopean stone press and maceration inside there for 2 days, then it continues
the fermentation without additing yeast and the aging process without skins in amphorae buried underground and outdoors for
10 months. It was bottled unfiltered, unfined, without added sulphites.

Aging: up to 15 years.

Production: 1000 bottles in ideal weather conditions.