ICARUS DRY ROSE 2019 14% vol


A special dry rosé wine with bright color, fine fruity flavors and rich, well-balanced taste. It is produced from the Fokiano variety cultivated on terraces with a small yield per acre (500 kg/acre). It is susceptible to aging of at least two years during which period of time its flavor characteristics improve considerably.

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Wine: Dry Rosé.

Varietal composition: Fokiano 100%.

Protected Geographical Indication (PGI): Ikaria

Region/Vine domain: Ikaria/Rahes

Vinification: Destemming without pressing. The grape juice remains with the pomace for 3 hours. After that, it is pressed and cold soaked and then it is fermented in a controlled environment inside a closed stainless steel tank at a temperature lower than 12°C. After the end of the fermentation and the primary removal of sediment, the wine is stirred with its noble lees every 10 days for 3 months until it is finally bottled.

Aging: Icarus rosé is susceptible to aging of at least 2 years. Orange-red highlights increase while its nose becomes less vibrant. While aging its flavor characteristics improve, concluding to blackberry marmalade. Most of its crisp remains as well as its vivid aftertaste.

Color: Bright, limpid, slightly orange-red with brownish highlights.

Nose: Fruity and complex with prevalent flavors of lychees, red blackberries and roses.

Mouth: Surprising mouthfeel reminding of white pepper, dried fruit and brushwood. Its body balances well with its fresh crisp and metallic subsistence.

Aftertaste: Vivid

Food and wine pairing: Icarus rosé can be paired harmonically with light meals, Asian dishes in sweet/sour sauces and seafood. It is served at 12-16°C.