Festive box – ”Flavours of Ikaria”


The festive boxes “Tastes of Ikaria” are ready!

The holidays are approaching. This year we are going through strange situtations with several trials for all of us. So we thought that going back to the small, simple everyday things that give us joy, or travel us and create beautiful images is more necessary than ever.

For this reason, we have created a box with pure Ikarian products of limited production, for you, your family and your friends. This composition is the best proposal for a professional or personal gift.

What you will find in the following composition:

– Ikarian extra virgin olive oil produced by us in a package of 200ml
– Ikarian organic thyme honey of the I. Kochila family 250ml
– black handmade chocolate bar from 4 ingredients, cow butter, honey, cocoa, red wine from our Icarus Black 2016 collection.
– herbs of Ikaria
– ”trachana” traditional pasta from goat milk of the S. Karnava family
– a bottle of wine from our gold medal winner in the international competition SWA London the Litani white dry wine 2019

Order now products of high NUTRITIONAL value from the land of Ikaria.

Happy holidays !

With love,

Afianes family