The Vine Which Is In Icaria

A collection of references about the wine of Ikaria from ancient times until today. A Greek/English edition by AFIANES WINES, Ikaria © 2004. First edition printed in 1.000 copies on paper Modigliani Neve.

- Publisher: Nikolaos Afianes, Etaireia Ikariakon Meleton, University of the Aegean (Project “Naias”)

- Research, archives and photography: Christos Malachias

- Collection and classification of material: Nikos Afianes

- Text editor: Argyro Fakarou

- English translation: Angelos Kalokairinos

- Layout and image processing: Kostis Pinas

- Printer: Artipos

You may read or download the edition "The Vine Which Is In Icaria"