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For more than 20 years, with a lot of love, persistence on organic methods of cultivation and a spirit of creative experimentation, we have been growing in our island, Ikaria, the two local PGI varieties of grapes Fokiano and Begleri.

In the course of making wines through the years, using different methods and working in experimental vineyards on different altitudes and different microclimates all over the western side of the island, we have noticed that these two, unknown to the rest of the world, varieties of grapes can produce excellent final products, long-lasting and improving with time, both as blended and monovarietal (this is how we make our wines for the last ten years).

The selected wines produced in Afianes Estate are divided in three groups according to the soil, the microclimate, the altitude or the kind of land where each variety is cultivated and the various yields per acre or the methods of vinification. 

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