Ikaria is an island in the Eastern Aegean (North-Aegean Region - Greece). Its total area is 650 klm2, and its population is about 8.000 inhabitants. Ikaria has a mountainous topography, rich vegetation and a system of freshwater streams. Along the length of the island we find the mountain range Pramnos (Atheras), with its highest peak of 1050 m. Ikaria’s coastline is over 150 klm long. The southern shore of the island is steeper than the northern one, whilst on the northern side there are several high plateaus like Pezi, Amoudia, Erifi, Arnopezia etc. The main occupations of its inhabitants are animal breeding, agriculture and tourism. Ikaria is one of the places that claims to be the birth place of Dionysus. One of the main characteristics of Ikaria is that, since ancient times, no imposing structures have been build; all buildings were simple, just like the everyday life of people. Today Ikaria is famous for its magnificent nature (green mountains next to the sea), its seashores, its amazing pathways, its delicious fruits, vegetables and nuts, its traditional festivals (about 100 a year), and its wine, which has found its place again in the global wine scene. Lately, the phenomenal longevity of its inhabitants, has gained enormous publicity in the media; a longevity that is related to an active, good quality life.