Theater “Dionysus” and Icarus Festival

The small amphitheater “Dionysus” is built with stones in an archaic style inside our vineyard and it’s facing the wonderful sunsets of the Aegean Sea. This facility enables us to host a number of cultural events, such as theatrical and musical performances, mainly during the summer months. We created it with the intention to give new life to our tradition, to connect it with the history and myths of our island and to bring together again Dionysus, the wine and the vine. 

Dionysus was the God of Wine who, according to mythology, was born in Ikaria. Jupiter, Dionysus’s father, to protect his son from the wrath of Hera, carried the baby inside his thigh and hid him in a cave in the area of “Iero” near Faros. As a result, the inhabitants of Ikaria were lucky to be the first ones to be taught the arts of viniculture and wine-making by the god. Therefore, Ikaria rightfully acquired for its wine the first indication of provenance in the world: “Pramnian”, a renowned wine in ancient times.

Since 2007 in the theater of our Estate we have the pleasure to host “Festival Icarus”, a considerable set of cultural events supported by the Municipality of Ikaria and organized by the well-known musician and guitar player, Vangelis Fambas. All these years within Icarus Festival our theater has hosted the following artists and art groups:

  • from Ikaria: Theologos Kappos, theatrical group DUENTE, Electra Papasimakis, Koula Spanou, Nikos Plakas, Despina Simaki and others.
  • from the rest of Greece: Giota Nega, Ellie Paspala, Haig Yiazijian, Savina Giannatou, Foivos Delivorias, Eleni Peta, Katerina Didaskalou, Il Parraiso, Doros Dimosthenous, Stringless, Evgenia, Karlafti, Vougioukli Sisters, Spyros Grammenos, Morfo Tsaireli, and other important artists.
  • from abroad: Kolektif Istanbul, Aires des Argentina, Panselinos Ensemble, Norwegian Musical Group, and others.


The “Dionysus” theater of Afianes Estate is available for you to organize with our assistance your own cultural events (theatricals, concerts, conferences, etc.), as well as any kind of social gatherings and celebrations (weddings, christenings, etc.). For more information, you may contact us on the phone numbers: 22750 40008, 22750 41556, 6977893731 and 6970556360.

* For the schedule of the events taking place in the theater “Dionysus” in 2016 and the following years, check out section “OUR NEWS” in our website.