A velvet, generous and long-lasting, naturally sweet wine from overripe grapes with a strong aromatic character and a perfect balance of high crispness and alcohol, which is susceptible of long aging. We consider that the method of vinification of Fokiano which we are using for TAMA, produces a wine as close as possible to the famous Pramnian Wine of Greek antiquity.


  • Color: Bright, limpid, amber.
  • Nose: Vibrant and rich with prevailing scents of honey and dried fruit.
  • Mouth: Rich and warm with a scent of honeycomb, dried fruit (bergamot) and herbs. Its high crispness and high alcohol are perfectly balanced.
  • Aftertaste: Rich and long-lasting with notes of dried mountain herbs.
  • Food and wine pairing: Tama can be paired harmonically with candied fruits, fruit with honey, fruit salads, chocolate, dry fruit and fat cheeses with honey. It is served at 10°C.



  • Wine: Naturally sweet from overripe grapes.
  • Varietal composition: Fokiano 100%.
  • Monovarietal Wine
  • Region/Vine domain: Ikaria/Rahes
  • Vinification: Following a special technique, half the grapes are smoothly dehydrated upon the plants, while the rest are laid on frames inside a shelter to dehydrate in the shade. During the first ten days of November, after the completion of the process of noble rot, they are taken to be crushed in the press. The process continues with pre-fermentative cold soak and then primary removal of sediment followed by fermentation in controlled environment inside a closed stainless steel tank at a temperature lower than 10° C. After the end of the fermentation (80 days) and the secondary removal of sediment, the wine is stored in old oak barrels for 2 years. During this period of time there are four removals of sediment, aerations, stirrings and reinstatements in the barrels. At the end of this treatment the wine is poured in a stainless steel tank where it remains for another two years until it is bottled.
  • Aging: It is susceptible to long aging.
  • Production: 1000 bottles every year.