Over the years, certain vintages gave us wines of prime quality and unique value. We keep them in our Cellar and we invite you to taste them matched with some of the most typical dishes of Greek and  particularly Ikarian cooking. During its first two years the Fokiano variety produces fresh, high quality red wines which are characterized mainly by red forest fruit scents (red and white cherries, sour cherries, berries and blackberries). In the following 5 years their flavor evolves to ripe red forest fruit together with spices (usually white pepper), as well as scented shrubs, particularly reminding of the endemic species of Ikaria (rock rose, lemon balm, i.e.). After 8-10 years this variety offers all of the above in a mixed marmalade flavor, creating wines which stick to the whole cavity of the mouth. From that point on the wines are thick and their taste reminds a Greek grandma's spoon sweets and home-made liqueurs. In some cases, they turn to blood-red wines with scents of leather and strong plum liqueurs, depending on vintage.

The Begleri variety produces wines with explosive crispness, complex characters and flavors reminding of fresh tropical fruit, such as pineapple, kiwi, lime and mango. After 2 years their flavors evolve towards ripe tropical fruit, then offering more concise wines with fuller, smoother and thicker bodies. After a time of 5 years, their flavor changes to ripe stone fruit, such as nectarine and peach, while their crispness declines and elements of liqueur come to surface. But the most spectacular change appears after a period of ten years when more earthly scents prevail on Begleri wines, giving off distinct scents of honeycomb, oyster mushroom and other native mushrooms of Ikaria.

It is worthwhile to taste even one glass from the aged (over 5-year- old) wines which are stored in our Cellar:


 1. BEGLERI 2008 / Aged White Wine (750ml 13,2% vol.) 

Bright golden color with honey-colored highlights. Unique scent of lemon marmalade to the nose in combination with vegetal notes of lemon balm. Thick mouthfeel with traces of light oxidation, extending over a pleasant length of time. Explosive combination of scents of lemon and stewed peach in its aftertaste. It needs aeration of at least one hour before consumption. Awarded with the 4th place in the London IWC between 9000 labels! An energetic companion to all seafood dishes, either well-cooked or lighter, particularly pairing with fresh fish, calamaris, as well as notch weeds dressed in olive oil and lemon. This wine also pairs with heavy sauces for pasta, chicken fillet, carbonara, tarragon, scallops with cream, i.e.

2. PSARONIKOLAS 2001 / Aged White Wine (750ml - 12,5% vol.) 

Bright golden blond color with silvery highlights. Rich scents of heather honey, ripe pineapple and kiwi are traced in the nose, while its mouth is dry with an energetic crispness and an aftertaste of peach marmalade. The range of dishes matching this wine is wide and includes exclusively premium fresh seafood, shellfish and mollusks. Also recommended pairs are mushrooms with cream, lighter or fatter cheeses, ranging from Ikarian Kathura to Camembert and Roquefort. Psaronikolas also matches perfectly with white meat, fillets and tenderloin.

3. ICARUS ROSÉ 2008/ Aged rosé wine (750ml - 14,5% vol.)

Ruby color with orange highlights. Body strong and fleshy. In the nose we trace a rich aroma of wild forest fruit marmalade. Sharp crispness in the mouth with a taste which combines ripe red cherry and heather honey leading to a complex but balanced and harmonious whole. ICARUS Rosé is a hedonistic wine which pairs with thick red sauces and gourmet pasta, soft dishes and particularly with fruit of the sea.

4. NICARIA 2002 / Aged Red Wine (750ml - 12,5% vol.)

Impressive dark brown color reminding of sediments with dark orange highlights. Tanned leather scents prevail on its intense aromatic character and leave a print on the nose with their strong earthly tones. Mouth animal, acrid with distinguishable tannins and a persistent finish. NICARIA 2002 is a wine which combines perfectly with well-roasted meat of all kinds and strong or spicy red sauces.

5. NICARIA 2001 / Aged Red Wine (750ml - 12,5% vol.)

Warm, maroon color with brown highlights. Complexity and intensity in the nose with distinct traces of animal scents, wet earth and sour cherry liqueur. Rich mouth with a warm touch, perceptible tannins and strong notes of blood, leather, and plum liqueur. NICARIA 2001 pairs with either fat or spicy high-quality yellow cheeses, grilled meat and fried bite-sized pieces of pork ("tigania").

6. TAMA Pithari 2008 / Aged Red Wine naturally sweet (500ml - 18,2% vol.)

Strong honey brown color with orange highlights. Scents of dried apricot, fig, date and orange liqueur prevail in the nose. Deep mouthfeel with a long aftertaste of honey from heather. It pairs perfectly with smooth and light cheeses, Greek spoon sweets, ice-cream, chocolate and fresh mushrooms roasted with tangerines and oranges.

7. Pithari 2008 / Aged Red Wine (750ml - 14,5% vol.)

Imposing ruby color with orange highlights. Its mouth is hard, warm and tannic with a long aftertaste of ripe cherry. It needs transfusion of at least one hour in order to let out the rich scents which compose its special aromatic profile (red fruit, walnuts, vanilla and evaporated milk). Pithari 2008 pairs with red meat, yellow cheeses, as well as some traditional Ikarian dishes, such as roasted pork meat with pasta ("giouvetsi") and roasted lamb.