The white Begleri variety descends from the Syrian variety “Begler”. However, today it is associated only with Ikaria, as our island is the only place where Begleri is being cultivated during the last hundred years. The wine stands out for its intense aromatic and complex character (citrus scents with a kiwi prominence and tropical fruits), as well as its characteristic crispness. Begleri is cultivated on terraced vineyards located all over the island, and its yield rate reaches 500 kilos/1.000m². It favors light meals, seafood, yellow cheese, and fruits. It is served cool.

With time, the crispness of Begleri wines gets more explosive and then their flavors come to remind of fresh tropical fruit, such as pineapple, kiwi, lime and mango. After 2 years an interesting and pleasing turn takes place towards ripe tropical fruit, thus offering more concise wines with fuller, smoother and thicker bodies. After 5 years, their flavor changes again, this time leaning towards ripe stone fruit, such as nectarine and apricot, as well as peach marmalade.

With the years, as their crispness declines, these white wines change to such extent that distinct elements of liqueur start surfacing. But the most spectacular change appears after a period of ten years when more earthly scents prevail, giving off distinct scents of honeycomb, oyster mushroom and other mushrooms native of Ikaria.

From the Begleri variety we produce the following white wines:

In our state-of- the-art- winery:

  • «Begleri» - Begleri dry
  • «Litani» - Begleri dry
  • «Begleri» - Begleri semi-sweet
  • «Afianes» - Begleri naturally sparkling brut

In our stone-made wine press with the outdoor wine hold (traditional method):

  • «Pithari» - Begleri dry
  • «Pithari» - Begleri semi-sweet
  • «Icarus» - Begleri dry
  • «Psaronikolas» - Begleri dry