A typical representative of the Begleri variety which originates from the Persian variety “Begler” with an impressive crisp and an intense scented and complex character, this fine dry white wine is susceptible of aging of at least five years during which period of time it gradually reveals its excellent potential.


  • Color: Bright, limpid, light blond with silvery highlights.
  • Nose: Vibrant and rich with a prevalence of tropical fruits gradually settling in lemon and grapefruit.
  • Mouth: The leading flavor reminds of passion fruit, lime and kiwi. Its body is rich and balances well with its fresh crisp and high metallic subsistence.
  • Aftertaste: Vivid and long-lasting.
  • Consumption: Its characteristics remain unchanged for two years.
  • Food and wine pairing: Begleri can be harmonically paired with light meals, seafood, yellow cheeses and fruit. It is served at 12°C.



  • Wine: Dry White
  • Varietal composition: Begleri 100%.
  • Protected Geographical Indication (PGI): Ikaria
  • Region/Vine domain: Ikaria/Rahes
  • Vinification: Pre-fermentative cold soak followed by fermentation in controlled environment in a closed stainless steel tank at a temperature lower than 12º C. After the end of the fermentation and the primary removal of sediment, the wine is stirred with its noble lees once every 10 days for a period of 4 months until it is finally bottled.
  • Aging: It is susceptible to aging of at least 5 years. During this time its silvery highlights increase while peachy highlights appear. Its nose becomes less vibrant and its flavor characteristics improve. As years go by, we discover flavors of nuts, ripe kiwi and stewed peach. Most of its crisp remains and its sweet, full aftertaste takes off. The more it ages the more its flavor reminds of honey from heather.